A Must See Car Survival Kit / Emergency Bag! [Video]

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You have to see how much cool stuff is inside this Backpack!

This is a very comprehensive list of all the essential items for your car survival kit/emergency bag.  Its been incredibly well thought out and put together by an experienced guy.  The emergency bag was built up over time so its hard to say the cost for everything in it, however it just goes to show that with a bit of forward planning and thinking, your kit can be put together over time.

Go through the bag with him and listen to his thinking behind each item, what each item is for and some ideas where to pick these items up.  Check out the choice of bag, what he has hanging off it, and each item as its packed in each pocket.

There’s a lot of items, but it all fits in this bag.  Pretty amazing how he gets so much in it.

His thinking behind each item is incredibly helpful so check  it all out here:

You have to love that L.A. Police Gear Operator Backpack he puts everything into.

Here is a list of the items he has included.

Bag – L.A. Police Gear Operator Backpack
Patches – Pick Your Favorites
Keychain tape measure
Keychain thermometer
ITW Tac Links
Fixed blade – HK Conspiracy (plain edge)
SOL Emergency Whistle
Weight Bearing Carabiner
Generic ‘Altoids’ Tin
UCO Waterproof Matches
Bic Lighters
Magnesium and Ferro Rod
SOL Signal Mirror
Large Sewing Needles
CRKT Eat N’ Tool
Mini Sharpie
Repel bug spray
Clear 50 gallon garbage bag/drum liner
Mountaineering sunglasses
4 sticks of beef jerky
Travel, compact Bible
Husky crank flashlight
Streamlight Task Light
Black Diamond headlamp
Mechanix gloves
Hand warmers
Batteries in box (AAA, AA, C, and a small screwdriver)
Coleman meal-in-a-bag
2 Wetfire fire starters
3 pens
1 highlighter
2 Motorola Talkabout Radios
Small pad of paper
Blackhawk Roll-out Medical bag
Outdoor Gear dry bag
ITW XL Zip-lock bag
Trucker’s Friend Utility/Demolition Tool
Klean Kanteen and nesting cup
Wire — light and heavier gage
Zip ties
Small sewing kit
2 Large
50 feet paracord (high quality)
50 feet paracord (lower quality)
Banana Boat SPF 50 lip balm
100 ft. paracord
SOL Sport Utility blanket
Fleece jacket
Level-2 long-sleeved EMS shirt
Extra wool socks
Northface fleece hat
2 large, heavy duty rubber bands
Dental floss
Rubber bands
Swiss Army Knife
2 smaller needles
Potable Aqua (water treatment)
Poncho (red)
Wool gloves
Boonie hat
Neck warmer/sniper wrap
Dust masks (3)
Toilet paper
Duct tape (2 rolls/2 colors)
Hand warmers
Emergency reflective blanket

Click through to Youtube to get links to where to source some of the more interesting items.

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